Will Death’s Embrace be Warm or Cold?

Will Death’s embrace be warm or cold?
A stranger or a friend of old,
How will that timeworn shade greet me?
His hand, will it be bone or skin?
Soft or withered more than sin?
What will he have to offer me?
Had I not turned him down before,
Left him standing at my door,
Would he be free and I at peace?
Will I extend my hand to Death?
Or, as I draw my final breath,
Will I snatch my hand away from his?

Charlie Jones is a writer from Merseyside. His poetry has been published in print and online with Acumen, Orbis, The Caterpillar, and Sentinel Literary Quarterly, as well as several other magazines and journals.

Charlie’s poem, ‘Drapetomania’ featured in the Independent Variable Anthology.

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