Variations in breath

fffffnher            drawing in the long string of horizon,
                           measuring each inch out
                           in your lungs, reclaiming
                           all that left you.
uhaer                little fright, grabbing again
                           at surprise, the homunculus
                           living in your chest
                           who’s developed the habit
                           of naming every fear Reality.

hhher                the undone; the tight bra
                           the mask, the long-held piss,
                           the merging of tired body
                           with bath water to find
                           that whatever it was, just is.
ffuuuur             the balloon of breaking point
                           deflates as you count to ten
                           and walk away white knuckled
                           the way you did in school.
haaaaaa         the breath’s denied its end,
                           dislodging itself from the body,
                           which loosens, the soul flies
                           the mouth, a new bird breaking
                           in its wings.


Gregory Kearns is a poet. He currently lives and works in Liverpool as well as doing his Poetry MFA at Manchester Metropolitan University. Gregory has been published as part of Introduction X: The Poetry Business Book of New Poets and published in Live Canon 2017 Anthology.

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