Special and Chips

We both went for the garden peas,
you with the haddock
and me with the steak pie.
Scotland, first day of the holiday and only
some of the turquoise tables were taken
by couples making unambitious plans in low voices.
Rain spattered from where it had gathered above
metal framed windows dotted with rust.
Beads of drizzle shivered on the glass and fractured
our view; a low misty sky. Nothing much happened,
between here and there.
Then flashing sleeky grey
it broke, arced and disappeared
behind the Chilean Merlot in a plastic cup on the sill.
And this café will be remembered forever, for Porpoise
with our chips, on the Barra ferry.


Robin Hargreaves is veterinary surgeon in his fourth decade of work in general practice. He was brought up on a Dales hill farm. This work is the first he has ever shared.

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