Independent Variable Logo Independent Variable, originally established as a science-themed poetry anthology, seeks to continue exploring the space between science and art.

We find poetry inspired by scientific principles and experiments fascinating in how they can influence poetic technique. But we’re not close minded, either —  we publish a wide range of poetry that isn’t necessarily geared towards STEM subjects.

We support the Iodine Global Network, a non-profit, non-government organisation championing the sustainable elimination of iodine deficiency worldwide. We created Independent Variable because we think both poetry and science are valuable practices in today’s society.

Created by Callan Waldron-Hall in 2016, Independent Variable continues to promote great writing and advocate the brilliant and strange worlds between science and art.

The Team

Callan Waldron-Hall

Callan is the founder and editor of Independent Variable. He graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2017 and just recently finished an MA in the same field at Manchester Metropolitan University. He works at Bluecoat in Liverpool as an engagement assistant and is a contributing writer for Corridor8, Sphinx and Bonus Stage.

As a child he grew up wanting to be a doctor, but couldn’t get his head around the equations he needed to pass his chemistry exams. Despite that, he’s still interested in the applications of science and how they can inform art. He currently lives in Liverpool.

Callan’s had work published in Lifejacket Anthology, In the Red and The Poetry Marathon. He has headlined at Rhymes & Records and was commissioned to write a poem for Networked Narrative’s project with artist Mark Titchner, ‘What I want more than anything else’.

Most recently, his poetry project ‘more concerned with feeling than sense‘, exploring ASMR’s function and value in today’s social media-centric landscape, was published in Liverpool Independent Biennial’s ‘Post-it’ anthology.

Megan Walters

Megan is an editor for Independent Variable. She graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2017, where she met fellow editor, Callan, on the university’s Creative Writing course. Now based in London, she lives and works in the city for a company where she could not be further from creative writing or science.

Megan’s family is incredibly scientific. Often joking about being the ‘writing sheep’ of the family and being surrounded by loved ones who study, live and breathe science, Megan never really felt like she fit in. Contributing to the first edition of IV gave Megan the chance to bridge her creativity with her family and connect with them on a level she never felt possible before.

Megan has been published in several editions of In The Red Magazine, Lifejacket Anthology and #IsWrite Magazine. She was also the compere for LJMU’s open mic night in partnership with the Everyman Theatre, Transformer, and was social media support and guest organiser and compere for Liverpool’s Rhymes and Records open mic night.